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game of love

Updated: Nov 27, 2018

Why do we play these games?

Please don't spare my feelings; don't drag this out. It makes it harder for me to decipher your moves and advances. Once we cross that line of scrimmage, you can never go back, or start over. Friends don't exist once the whistle blows. It's for all the marbles, but the hard part about playing is that you have no control of how it ends. You cannot fall out of love and go back in time. It's impossible to be impartial in the future.

We all get involved in the game of love knowing exactly what is at stake. There's no guarantee, but you have to play to find out. Yet we still seem to complain when it doesn't work out in our favor. No one likes a sore loser.

We need to start accepting a life with loss, even it wasn't our fault (even if it was). Nothing gets accomplished playing the blame game and pointing the finger looks desperate and immature. On lookers either pity you or give you sympathy-both are unwarranted.

When the end of the game grows near, we scramble to hold on to memories, reviewing the play that stopped us in your tracks.

But all the while we seek out people for our team; making everyone on the sidelines choose their sides - a line of defense to have our back and guard our reputation while we take cheap shots and there are no more referees to call out our personal fouls.

We have to walk off the field with our head held high, with dignity, knowing we gave it our all, but no one can win the game of love, with a mindset that love is ever a game...capable of being won.

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