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Contingency Plan

Updated: Nov 27, 2018

Starting over is hard, especially when you aren't ready.

Analyzing your memories over and over again; existing every day in flashbacks of your time together.

It's as if you stopped reading a book half way through, then started over from the beginning; words and feelings so familiar that you think they're real, turning the page repeatedly without ever getting to the end

or at least the ending you imagined.

It's hard - I know. Building a new life without your foundation; how are you supposed to stand tall with no frame to hold up your walls?

I've been there - broken glass, blurry vision. It's hard after envisioning everything so clearly. Baby names and zip codes on invitations written with Love,

but don't prolong heart ache.

Get out of bed. Nose out of your books and put your favorite outfit and your phone number into the palm of that cute guy's hand.

Make your contingency plan. Every life-altering storm has a disaster relief effort and you need to figure out yours.

Start over. Rebuild.

Rise from your repeating dreams and get back on your feet. It's the only way you will walk away from a future of defeat.

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