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Updated: Jan 9, 2019

I feel like I've been abducted like some pawn in an old black and white movie. Dragged through the mud. Tied up with no way of fighting back. Held at gun point being threatened to talk.

How can I talk about this - no one will get it.

And that nonsense the ones close to you say

that they know what you're going through,

that they understand

they can't understand my problem is individual to me, my hurt, my feelings.

No two situations are ever the same.

The problem may exist under an umbrella category,

but mine is different,

I can not be sheltered from the rain you keep holding it in,

we are going to put you in cement shoes and push you in

Letting your thoughts hold you back. Drowning in them. I feel like there's tape over my mouth - no way to speak.

I am hostage to my memories.

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