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Updated: Jan 9, 2019

They batted their eyelashes Fluttered in their cerulean blue dresses The one that matched their eyes They danced around the room, bred to impress The center of attention, for all eyes to see

But me, I was hidden amongst the wallflowers, Camouflaged from hungry eyes, Not destined to please Overlooked and Undetected; Perfect for me.

My green eyes peeked through crowds of buzzing bees. Buzzing with gossip, competition, and tease. I floated through the air No expectations to be seen My purpose Not to prance and flash my wings But to listen, learn, and see

With attention comes scrutiny Judgement and tears

Camouflaged from the world

My beauty more than skin deep You must look beyond the surface A treasure to seek

I am butterfly none the less With my place in the garden If you search you will find A soul - never to be forgotten.

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