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Another Day, Another Night

Updated: Jan 10, 2019

the sun sets on another day

pink and orange

ombre in our sky

each day a beautiful delight

the colors fading out of sight

softly whispering goodnight

eyes blink and

darkness sets in, we need to adjust

no ceilings, no limits nights full of wonder full of sweet dreams

the sun sets on another day but we don't stop living

when darkness is draped over our eyes - our lives

this is when we finally start living absorbing our inspiration from the sun to power us through the dark only when night falls do we begin to shine.

Individual, Unique, Stars that blanket the earth we twinkle in darkness in a black, midnight, solid, sky burning with passion, love adventure in the night

darkness so deceiving we are filled with so much light but it is easy to get lost in the sea of stars

do no be discouraged your shine will not go unnoticed True beauty always recognized to those who choose to gaze and see You will be a guiding light for the one who is meant to be

but the sun soon rises on another day pink and orange ombre in the sky each day a beautiful delight never the same impossible to emulate


like the shine of the stars each distinct in its own right a brand new day on the horizon

energizing, to power you through the night

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