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You'll Figure It Out

You Got This


Sometimes you just have to trust that YOU will figure it out.

I have put my faith in so many other sources - God, the universe, him, my mom, the universe...

but for all the times I have asked for guidance, for advice, for help, for an answer or a sign, I have never asked myself. I've told myself that it was going to be OKAY, but thinking back to all the night I have spent in a dark room, I have never said - "you already know what to do; you'll figure it out"

But to avoid any more confusion for any more women (men, teens + children alike) I just want to tell you that you'll figure it out.


We drink and party and we smile for Instagram and get real on Twitter.

But we need to start getting more honest with ourselves instead more self-assured for our friends. We need to stop seeking approval +  advice and start advising ourselves. There is so much that we overlook about ourselves because we're waiting for someone else to take control:

There will always be one person who sees your beauty. Who can look into your eyes and assure you everything is going to be all right. Who can solve all your problems and wipe all of your tears. There will always be someone - that one person you can always rely on…And that person walks in your shoes + is staring right back at you.

Your own initiative is everything - courage, aspiration, faith - is EVERYTHING.

Stop underestimating all the wisdom you can offer, especially to yourself, because (no matter what the world keeps telling us) you are the only person who has the power to make you feel every type of way. He might make you feel better and she might help you escape for a little while, but YOU are the only one who gets to decide how you feel for the rest of your life.

so choose to be strong for yourself. choose to stop hiding from your potential choose to triumph over your own doubts and choose to stop letting your faith in others be greater than the faith that you have - in you.

We take so literally the words we read because, sometimes, we need to hear inspiring words from others [that's why they write, right?], to help you feel like you're not the only one out there - in this mess you feel you're in... but most of the time we just need to believe our own words. Like I do right now. So I'm speaking to myself when I say:

" You'll figure it out. You are your greatest asset. And on days when you can't even count on the moon to shed light on the end of your tunnel, and your room feels not just dark, but black... Tell yourself you will figure it out because you always have + you always will."
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