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Permanence of Death

Make Your Love Known

There is so much death.  It’s hard to comprehend the permanence of it.  The destruction of it, until it happens to you.

There is so much death happening around me and I’m here, watching people try to learn to live half full lives and watching people go completely numb because their reason for living has exploded and they can’t find the pieces to make themselves whole again. They get lost in the loss.

We all mean something to someone. Parent. Spouse. Sibling. Friend. I find myself thinking about people that I’ve never met, or barely knew, and I send small hopes, or prayers, or wishes up to the sky asking them if they are okay now. Asking them to shine light on their loved ones and show them that it’s not all darkness.

There are mass murders and car accidents and overdoses and old age and cancer. Sudden or slow. Death comes in so many forms, and so many beautiful souls get taken without any reason. It’s not fair. There is no explanation.

It is so scary, and I go to bed and drive in my car, and I just think about how unexpectedly death can approach. I don’t want to get old and deteriorate or feel my mind slip away, but I don’t want to leave this world too young. There is so much for me to see and do and so much to fall in love with. I don’t want to let go. But the most devastating part is that you don’t have a say in it, and it leaves everyone close with an unexplainable void.

There’s no real closure for these types of things. How can there be?

I worry all the time. I want my life to mean something to people, and more than anything in the world, I want my life to mean something to me. I have no idea what this life has in store, but I know I’m not going to waste it and neither should you.

Love often. Whether it is with one person for the rest of your days or you spread your love to countless cities and strangers. Make your love known so that when you go, your life will never feel like a loss — it will be a gain for having known you.

Love big, love gently, love often.

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