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I am What I Have Done


I’m glad I remember I’m glad that I have our memories  because they shape me

Our experiences are who we are… Our actions Our interactions with others

I am what I have done.

I am not my money I am not my hair color  Or my jean size

My memories are me. They are my life in pixels that make up this picture you see

My life is compressed in silent flashes. I see places and people and clothes  and conversations in my head in between the seconds of my present,  I see my past in times of quiet

Who would you be if you had no memory of who you were ?

Personality  Character Values Nurture

We are all products of our memories And their illusions delusions - suppressed or ever prevalent - Our memories give us power. Give us hindsight  into times of pleasure times of pain

They’re our vehicles for change  for improvement  for growth and for excellence

They are your frame of reference The structure that has built you that has sustained you

They are your starry nights And the smell of blackberry candles They are that bathroom,  those tears, that hug.

They are your magic  They are your story The masterpiece that is you.

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