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Full disclosure

I am not writing this to blame you.

I knew what I was doing when I gave you my heart.

To be honest, I think more people should own up to this. You did not take advantage of my love because you never once asked me to give it you. You never promised me a future, or expected anything from me. The problem was me. I am accepting the consequences of my actions. I was convincing myself it was real, because looking back - you never did anything of the sort. We never had full disclosure, I just assumed

I was open and you weren't, so can I really blame you for our outcome? No.I only blame myself because we never existed as I assumed and that's my fault.

I knew about the other girls - you never tried to hide it, but I still thought you would pick me. What's not to love? I am beautiful, and witty, and intelligent. I'll never know if you were playing games, or if you cared at all, or if you were just scared of what we could have become.

But the latter can't be true because you are never scared; you are confident in all your choices and accept the outcome of everything you decide.

So I must do the same. I didn't magically fall head over heals for you. I decided (I loved you) - and now that you have decided differently, I must accept the outcome of my actions.

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