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Double Meaning

Updated: Jan 9, 2019

We don't say please anymore. When did relationships become so demanding? Please, with it's double meanings.

Verb: To make someone happy Adverb: Polite request

But we never seem to use it in either of those contexts. We say please in desperation - begging and pleading: Please don't go

Please don't tell Stop! Please! "I'm sorry. Please..."

It never seems to be polite or pleasant anymore, so why, is a word so delicate and quaint, used with such negative connotation?

Don't beg or plead when it comes to love, especially if you are asking for something, or someone. It's like apologizing when you didn't do anything wrong; we use the term so unconsciously. It seems to have become second nature to say 'please' when we are hopeless to obtain something out of our control - never with motives of kindness, but instead...despair.

Love should breathe nothing more than a polite request; be the act of making another happy.

If you are waking up to tear soaked pillows after nights of pleading prayers - crying for answers - you're spoiling the beauty of it.

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