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Connection: Our Greatest Treasures

I know she was scared today.

Watching someone you look up to - who has taken care of you your entire life - be truly scared is probably more scary than actually being scared yourself.

I was talking to my mom before she went into surgery and some how we got onto the topic of twins and how they feel each other's pain and she said something to me that made me want to cry.

She said "Then I guess being a mother is the same as having a twin because I always know and feel the same pain as my kids when they are hurting. We have something unique. I don't know what it is, but we're made of the same things, a connection you can't understand until one day you have kids...", and in that moment, at 6:00am, I knew exactly what she meant because I, too...felt that connection.

I felt her being scared. I felt the tremors in her hand. I felt both our blood pressure rising.

Human beings are amazing - the connections that we are able to make with others; with both our minds and our hearts.

These unexplainable connections you create with people are the things that will carry you through your life, they will lift you up when you fall, and they will help you fly to new heights. They link us together; sometimes they are lifelines that last forever and other times that threads that eventually break - only connecting us for moments we will never forget.

Value your connections: your parents, your romantic loves, your friends. They are the most unexplainable, special, greatest treasures you will every have and I urge you to stop taking them for granted.

They are what help you be strong when you are scared and they are what will help you be an even better, you.

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Sep 12, 2021

Good rreading your post

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