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Updated: Nov 27, 2018

Eyes opened, finally seeing things clearly, step back, gain perspective.

I don't think we ever lose sight of the reality of our relationships. We don't live in a dream world. It's our interpretations of the real words, real actions, that get us in trouble - that cloud our judgment and make things foggy.

We see what we desire, what we want to be true because of ideals we set for our loved ones - before we even really know them. Everyone sets expectations and typically, we cut ourselves (and the people that we love) slack to justify acts that don't measure up to our ideas of them.

People are not goals.

They are not something to be conquered, not something to achieve, not something to overcome or win. When we set expectations for our relationships we lock them in chains. We limit who they can be, and are, by comparing them to expectations.

Standards are different than expectations.

Wake up from the haze of expectations; open your eyes, see things clearly, step back, gain perspective

Love should break all barriers, but never test them

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