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Blank Page

Updated: Jul 27, 2018

An old friend of mine told me she would always keep the first page of every notebook blank.

I never thought much of it until I started writing more regularly -- Until that one day I threw out a whole journal because every time I opened it, all I could see was mistakes.

Now I keep the first-page blank. a clean slate for every thought a new beginning every time you open your heart

No scribbles No smudges No bad memories staring you in the face I write to release

and that same blank page reminds me [every time] that there are other blank pages - waiting for my mistakes, and tears, and doodles, and flashbacks. My grammatical errors, and moments of joy, and angst, and smiles - in every loopy letter.

It reminds me that there are so many blank pages that await me and that even though there are pages I don't care to see, I know they are behind me.

It only takes one glimpse of emptiness to remind me that my pages are much more beautiful when filled.

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